This project is now continued as Model Execution Framework (MXF) at eclipse.

M3 Actions Framework

In today's software engineering world, languages are only as good as their supporting tools, and engineering processes are only as good as the languages used in them. New engineering paradigms, domain specific engineering, and the general call for more efficient software engineering cause a high demand for new programming and modelling languages including high quality language tools.

Over the last years, we developed a framework to specify operational semantics for MOF metamodels. Main goal is the dynamic analysis of executable models through simulation, testing and other means of validation. Build on top of eclipse EMF Ecore/MDT OCL for the implementation, the framework is centered around the MActions language which is an extension to the MOF meta-metamodel that enhance the possibilities to precisely define models with their executable behaviour.

With the power of eclipse modelling projects as the ideal backbone, the framework consists of a visual editor to define metamodels, runtime models and their behaviour in terms of the MActions language. An interpreter and debugger supports the execution and testing of these models as well as recording of simulation runs. The overall framework supports multiple meta-layers by an explicit instantiation concept where runtime models are regarded as instances of the abstract syntax, changing over time.

Find out more on M3Actions on the documentation page or have a look in the examples section.

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