Hajo Eichler

Hajo, Lead Architect at ikv++ technologies (Berlin, Germany), has worked on applying model driven engineering in various domains - e.g. for Automotive at DaimlerChrysler and Toyota, for eGoverment at Hitachi, Embedded Systems at Samsung, etc. He is active in the eclipse community and as a practitioner in research and business he advocates the usage of QVT relations for model transformations.

Hajo is currently writing his PhD at the Humboldt University, Berlin in the context of model simulation and testing.

Michael Soden

Michael works as a Lead Architect at ikv++ technologies (Berlin, Germany). After receiving his diploma in computer science at the Technical University Berlin in 2003, he has worked as a research associate in several projects at the Technical University Berlin and Fraunhofer FOKUS in the context of model-driven software development. At that time, he took part in standardization activities at the OMG, where he was chairing the MOF2.0 to IDL Finalization Task Force.

Today, Michael is working together with Hajo on his PhD at the Humboldt University with focus on dynamic analysis of executable models.


Most noticeably, we thank Markus Scheidgen for the productive collaborative work on model semantics which finally led to the initial version of MOF Action Semantics. Furthermore, we would like to thank our friends and colleagues at the Humboldt University for continuous support, discussions and contributions, namely Daniel Sadilek and Guido Wachsmuth.

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