Publications on M3Actions

M.Soden, H.Eichler: An Approach to Behaviour Comparison using Execution Traces (under review)
M.Soden, H.Eichler: Temporal Extensions of OCL Revisited. (under review)
M.Soden, H.Eichler: An Approach to use Executable Models for Testing. EMISA, 2007
H.Eichler, D.A.Sadilek et al: Frameworks to create language definitions and tools on top of the eclipse modelling project (poster). EclipseCon 2008
H.Eichler, M.Scheidgen, M.Soden: A Meta-Modelling Framework for Modelling Semantics in the Context of Existing Domains Platforms. ECMDA, Workshop on Model Driven Engineering and Testing, 2006



Related links

medini QVT — an implementation of OMG's QVT Relations
Textual Editing Framework (TEF) for textual model notations
EProvide — Prototyping Visual Interpreters and Debuggers
ECoral — Metamodel Adaptation with Co-Adaptation of Models
MMUnit — Automated Metamodel Testing

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Presentation on MXF at ESE 2009